How to view homes to purchase

September 19, 2018


Home buyer Video Ep 4: Transcript

How to see the house?

In this step, I will give you some tips and tricks that may help you

in selecting that one fine house which you will call your home.

If not already, I would suggest you watch to previous three videos

to give you step by step guidance on your home purchase.

The first video was on finding your financial comfort zone,

the second was about selecting your agent,

and the third was on your mortgage approvals.

So, Let’s go to the fourth one in this series, which is ‘How to see the houses?’


There’s no doubt that the home purchase is the biggest purchase

in one’s life. Doesn’t matter if it is your first home your tenth home purchase.

Some repeat buyers are in this happy feeling that they everything

and you will agree with me that when you lower your guard, things happen.

So how do you go see homes?

Some precautions when you go see homes listed on market are like this:

If you have chosen your agent, I advise against going directly,

even on open houses. If you do go directly because of any reason,

such as your realtor is not available, or you just couldn’t control your impulse to go and check out yourself make sure you do not talk much.

That applies even if you haven’t decided on your agent yet.

Trust me, that will save you from losing your negotiation position.

Go in with a poker face and come out with a poker face.

Get excited away from the investigative gaze of the real estate agent at the open house. Laugh!

There are instances when you encounter the home owner inside the house. It happens!

Do not talk ill of the property and keep taking notes of any deficiencies you notice.

Some owners such as old people like to talk much. Refrain from talking and establishing any emotional connection unless you are sure about buying that home.

Emotions weaken the negotiation ability of your agent and yourself.

It is okay to engage in small talk, but don’t get into nitty gritty of your purchase plan.

Respect the property: Do not walk with your shoes except when you see the floors are dirty.

This could be your home. Do not forget that. Keep drinks and eatable outside the property.

If you have kids who you can’t control, please keep them outside and switch your turns with your spouse to go see the house.

Keep the process on a good note all the time. Happy talk. Happy feeling. Positive, positive, positive conversation.

So That simple gesture may win you the house among many others if you decide to try your offer.

Now let’s get to actual process of seeing the houses.

As much as possible, drive to the place yourself.

Reach the place 15-20 minutes ahead of appointment and just drive around.

You may also like to take a stroll on the walkway around the property. You may find someone walking their dog, cleaning their cars, just outside, lawn moving, talk to them.

Take a look all around your area and see how people are keeping their houses.

So, This will give you a real feel of the neighborhood.

Remember, you are just not buying a home, you are buying a neighborhood as well.

That neighborhood will have a long-term bearing on your kids and yourself too. So, be watchful.

Number 2, The listing agents are trained, most of them, believe me, to showcase their listings.

Believe me, the look of the house can be totally transformed just like Cinderalla in that fairy tale.

Don’t be awestruck! Hold your breath and look beyond beauty, look behind the scene. I had a client who wanted to buy a house.

They saw it at an open house and then they asked me to accompany them.

They were excited, and they were ready to write an offer.

The house looked beautiful, just like a home in the magazine.

I told them to look inside the closets, cabinets, any closed space they possibly can access, and they changed their mind after that. What happened?

There was bad work on the inner walls of the closets. so, when you look in the closets you won’t see on these sides, right? Inner sides. You are only looking on the front. But there was bad work on the inner walls.

Away from your eyesight. And then there were holes, there were bad baseboards couple places,

The corners were not clean. There was kind of very poor workmanship.

Exterior was beautiful. So now, they said they are not buying it. So, This happens.

If you do not get into that detailed viewing of the house

People find this thing later on and then you know what, is the bad feeling about agent,

About their purchase. Now money is spent to rectify those issues.

When seeing a highly renovated home, just be careful.

Why they did what they did?

What was the need for extensive renovation?

People don’t do that quite often.

Unless it is an investor who is thinking of flipping, but remember that

Extensive renovation s can be subjected to taxation that is your HST.

So make sure you understand that.

And take appropriate steps in your offer to be not spending extra money in paying HST to the CRA because it becomes your liability.

Ask your realtor to investigate if you want to write your offer on such property which is extremely renovated,

So Again, Glance at the roofs. See if you notice any difference in paint or if, popcorn ceiling, grain size difference will pop out. Because it is difficult to match grain size after repairs. All right?

So, all the repairs are not bad, some repairs are done to rectify common issues such as,

leakage happens all the time. It will happen when you own the house.

House can never be 100% perfect. 7 out of 10 is a

Great match for you if you are looking

So Checking the floors is equally critical. When you see wood flooring, awesome!

You see ceramic flooring, Wonderful! But if there are carpets up there

Do not hesitate to roll up the carpets and see under those carpets.

Because sometimes you will find surprise hidden there

cleanly, neatly hidden down there. So, To keep this short and sweet I must stop here.

Each house is unique, and it needs unique approach all the time.

So, you need to consult with your real estate agent.

When you are walking inside the house DO NOT RUSH.

Be on time so you have sufficient time to look around.

Your showing should not be a race.

Your showing should take it own pace, looking into each and every corner.

Then there are things you do before you write an offer or during the offer

That we will discuss in the following videos.


So, What feature attracted you more when you bought your first home?

Share with me your experience.

If you or anyone you know

is looking to buy their home, please give me a call I will take

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