When Donald thought they lost their home…

September 12, 2018


Donald and Merlette can’t control their excitement. Click above video to join them.

For the last 17 years, Donald and Merlette were renting. They tried numerous times to buy but something didn’t work out right for them.

A few months back they went to www.PeelRegionHomesHub.com to look for homes and ended up contacting Paul Cheema, Sales Representative, RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (independently owned and operated). Merlette received a call from Paul right away and he wanted to understand their financial position.

It was decided that they will take money from their close relative and will go only for 50% mortgage. The deal looked doable. Time went on and one day they were sent a home which was the perfect fit for them. They were ready to go full price on the price even though there was no other competing offer.

Paul explained everything about the neighborhood and told them that price was on the higher side and they should rather buy one listed around $80,000 less than this home and with a similar layout. Paul also suggested that they can bring that home to the same condition as this one with as little as $30K. They didn’t want to do that. They wanted the same house. Their souls moved into the house the same day they saw it.

Paul could break the sellers by about $8,000 but now another problem crept in. Their relatives didn’t have more than 20% to pay towards their downpayment. Things came to a grinding halt. Despair and dejection came all over their faces and things were all grey.

Banks wouldn’t approve the deal, so Paul got them approved from a private lender who agreed to do 80% financing and too without much hassle. The deal again chugged forward.

The home inspector revealed deficiencies which, Donald didn’t care, being a handyman himself. Paul, however, didn’t stop there. Without the knowledge of buyers, he kept negotiating with sellers’ agent and finally got another $10,000 to the utter surprise of buyers. They were happy beyond reason because these $10,000 will pay toward lending fee of private financier.

Things didn’t finish there. There was testing time ahead. On the day of closing, there was a shortfall of $6,000 and buyer’s all accounts have dried up. First home purchase is always hard. The deal didn’t close on the designated day and buyer went home crying. Paul gave them a hug and assured that the home is theirs for ever and they have to wait just another one day.

Hopeful, they were sent home.

The day passed fast and the next day all were sitting in the lawyer’s conference room. Zigzagging through paperwork and calling utilities companies, the buyers got the key to their dream home. Their happiness and blessings were the ultimate reward for Paul.

Please pray for their home, their health, and their family. May God bless their home.